Monday, October 12, 2020

'Covid-19' - "The Essex Serpent" Recoils

Due to the potential spread of the deadly 'Covid-19' China Virus, the Apple TV+ adaptation of author Sarah Perry's 1893-set novel "The Essex Serpent" has halted pre-production after actress Keira Knightley, cast as the lead 'Cora Seaborne', said she will not participate "for family reasons":

" 1893, a New Years reveller dies because of a mythological creature described in a 1669 pamphlet 'Strange News out of Essex' as a 'Winged Serpent', followed by a description of the recent death of the abusive husband of 'Cora Seaborne'..."

"There wasn't a comfortable scenario for 'Keira' that could be put in place for an extended period of childcare required for the four-and-a-half-month production," said a rep for "The Essex Serpent".

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