Wednesday, September 09, 2020

"Daleks!" Animated Series

The UK's BBC Studios Digital, as part of the event "Time Lord Victorious" will produce "Daleks!, a five-part CG animated series, showcasing the "Doctor Who" cyborg alien mutants, written by James Goss for Studio Liddell and voiced by Nicholas Briggs, Joe Sugg, Anjli Mohindra and Ayesha Antoine, launching November 2020 on YouTube's "Doctor Who" Channel:

"The 'Dalek Empire' comes up against a terrible force. The Daleks' plundering of the 'Archive of Islos' unearths something ancient and deadly. 

"Soon 'Skaro' is under attack and the 'Dalek Emperor' is on the run! Can the Daleks defeat their adversaries and regain their planet, even with help from an old enemy..."

The 'Daleks' are violent, merciless and pitiless aliens, who demand total conformity to their will and are bent on the conquest of the universe and the extermination of what they see as inferior races. Collectively they are the greatest enemies of the 'Time Lord' known as 'the Doctor'.

During the second year of the original Doctor Who program (1963-1989), the Daleks developed their own form of time travel. In the beginning of the second Doctor Who TV series that debuted in 2005, it was established that the Daleks had engaged in a 'Time War' against the 'Time Lords' that affected much of the universe and altered parts of history.

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