Sunday, August 16, 2020

Will Disney Buy DC Comics ?

The plague of  the 'Covid-19' virus, reducing corporate profits worldwide, recently forced the firing of senior staff at DC Comics, owned by corporate parent AT&T, whose total market value of net assets are now worth less than their total loans. Will Disney, the home of Marvel Comics take this opportunity to buy DC Comics, the home of 'Superman', 'Batman' and 'Wonder Woman' ?

DC's characters provide content for AT&T's WarnerMedia unit, producing movies and TV shows, with eight 'DCEU' ('DC Extended Universe') films grossing $5.5 billion globally over the past seven years. 

"Joker" grossed $1.07 billion and won two Oscars.

The CW network, co-owned by WarnerMedia with ViacomCBS, hosts DC's Vancouver-lensed episodic superhero TV series, including "The Flash", "Supergirl", "Legends of Tomorrow", "Black Lightning" and "Batwoman". 

DC Comics' revenue is listed under WarnerMedia, along with HBO, Warner Bros. and 
Turner cable networks including “The Big Lie” news outlet  CNN.

DC Entertainment and DC Films are subsidiaries of Warner, with DC Comics becoming a subsidiary of DC Entertainment in 2009.

Warner Bros. generated $14.4 billion in revenue -- or 43% of WarnerMedia's revenue and 8% of AT&T total revenue in 2019. 

Within that total, Warner's 'games and other' segment, including DC Comics, video games and other products (excluding film/TV properties) generated $2 billion in revenue. 

DC's publishing unit generated about $300 million.

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