Thursday, August 20, 2020

"Spider-Man: Kraven The Hunter"

Marvel Comics super-villain 'Kraven the Hunter' will be showcased in a new Sony/Marvel Studios live-action feature, to be directed by J. C. Chandor:

'Sergei Kravinoff', aka 'Kraven The Hunter", debuted in Marvel Comics' "The Amazing Spider-Man" #15 (August 1964), created by writer Stan Lee and illustrator/co-plotter Steve Ditko.

"I'm just starting it," said Wenk about the "Kraven" screenplay. "It's an interesting world. A great character. It's going to adhere very closely to the lore of 'Kraven the Hunter'. And he is going to come face to face with 'Spider-Man'...

"There's lots of hurdles to overcome before you can start writing, to crack the right story and to get the right tone. It's a new world for me. But what's nice about it is, it's a very grounded character, he doesn't have a lot of crazy superpowers and things like that so he's more grounded and that fits what I like to do..."

In "Kraven's Last Hunt", Kraven sets his sights on Spider-Man to prove he is superior to the wall-crawler, ultimately neutralizing him then stealing his costume to impersonate 'Spidey' on the streets of New York City.

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