Thursday, August 13, 2020

"Legends of Tomorrow"- Season Six

"Legends of Tomorrow", based on the characters of DC Comics, has been renewed by The CW for a sixth season, set to premiere in 2021:

"...'Rip Hunter', a member of the 'Time Masters', an organization tasked with protecting the timeline, goes rogue after 'Vandal Savage' murders his family. 

"Intending to stop him, Hunter recruits a team of 'Legends' including 'White Canary', 'Martin Stein', 'Firestorm', 'Hawkgirl', 'Hawkman', 'Captain Cold' and 'Heat Wave'. '

"In season five, 'Astra Logue' resurrects several evil historical figures called 'Encores' to get revenge on 'Constantine' for sending her to 'Hell'. Amidst the Legends' efforts to stop her, 'Charlie' is revealed to be 'Clotho of the Fates', and her sisters, 'Atropos' and 'Lachesis', seek revenge on her for destroying the 'Loom of Fate'. 

"Due to time distortions from their final battle with 'Neron', 'Zari' was replaced by her brother, 'Behrad Tarazi', before he and 'Nate' helped her rejoin them. While 'Mona', 'Ray', 'Nora' and Charlie leave the Legends to live out their lives, 'Ava' and former 'Time Bureau' agent 'Gary Green' join the team after the 'Bureau' gets shut down..."

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