Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"Legacy of Mandrake The Magician"

Red 5 Comics' "Legacy Of Mandrake The Magician" #2, available November 4, 2020 is written by Erica Schultz and illustrated by Diego Giribaldi, Juan Pablo Massa, with a cover by Amelia Vidal:

"...after taking over the mantle of the great 'Mandrake The Magician', 'Mandy' finally has control over her mystical abilities. Her life is great, her confidence is boosting... but something seems off. Why can't she enjoy her new life? Why is it that everything good must come with a price?..."

"...'Mandy Paz' is by all appearances an ordinary teenager just trying to make her way through high school. If she seems like she's going out of her way to avoid attention, that's because she's hiding a big secret -- she has powerful magical talents. So, when strange and sinister things start happening in her small town, Mandy decides to take action. And on her quest to chase down the root of the town's trouble she just might discover the truth about her own legacy..."

The inspiration for Marvel Comics "Doctor Strange", the original 'Mandrake The Magician' was created by Lee Falk  as a newspaper comic strip character.

Created in 1934, 'Mandrake' was an illusionist whose work was based on hypnotic technique. When Mandrake "...gestured hypnotically..." he could induce anyone to hallucinate.

In 1939, Columbia produced a 12-part "Mandrake the Magician" movie serial, starring Warren Hull as Mandrake and Al Kikume as his sidekick 'Lothar'.

NBC produced a "Mandrake" TV pilot in 1954, starring stage magician Coe Norton as Mandrake and Woody Strode ("Spartacus") as Lothar.

Actor Anthony Herrera starred in the 1979 TV movie "Mandrake" with Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Lothar.

In the animated TV series "Defenders of the Earth", Mandrake teamed up with fellow King Features characters 'Flash Gordon' and 'The Phantom'.

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