Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Kim Cattral Is "Filthy Rich"

"Filthy Rich" is the new serialized satirical drama TV series created by Tate Taylor for the Fox Broadcasting Company, based on the New Zealand series of the same name, starring Kim Cattral ("Big Trouble In Little China")  as 'Margaret Monreaux', the host and co-founder of the 'Sunshine Network', premiering September 21, 2020 on Fox:

" this 'Gothic' family drama, wealth, power and religion collide with outrageous results as a mega-rich family who made their money with a religious television network, deal with a tragedy as their founder dies in a plane crash. 

Then three more family members come out of the woodwork,  who will inherit the empire for their own reasons..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Filthy Rich"...