Tuesday, August 18, 2020

"Enola Holmes" on Netflix

The new mystery feature "Enola Holmes", directed by Harry Bradbeer, follows the younger sister of famous detective 'Sherlock Holmes', starring Millie Bobby Brown ("Stranger Things") as 'Enola', Henry Cavill ("The Witcher") as 'Sherlock', Sam Claflin as 'Mycroft' and Helena Bonham Carter as 'Eudoria', streaming September 23, 2020 on Netflix:

"...On the fourteenth birthday of 'Enola Holmes', her mother disappears, with 'Sherlock' and 'Mycroft', Enola's brothers, concluding their mother voluntarily left. Enola is devastated but eventually discovers elaborate ciphers her mother wrote, concluding she left to live with the 'Romani' people to escape the confines of 'Victorian 'society. 

"When Mycroft insists that Enola attend boarding school and learn to be a proper lady, she runs away to London instead..."

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