Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Marvel's "Timeless"

Sneak Peek more new portraits of Marvel Comics superheroes, as part of the "Timeless" series of variant comic book covers by illustrator Alex Ross, available September 2020:

"...behold Marvel heroes like 'Spider-Man', 'Wolverine' and 'Jean Grey' in painted portraits, depicted in their most classic and beloved costumes. 

"Don't miss your chance to begin collecting all 28 of these stunning variant covers at your local comic shop starting in September!"

"Nobody else embodies the term 'Timeless' quite as well as Alex does," Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said. "His work makes people relate to these fantastical characters in an entirely new way--they become plausible and real without giving up their larger-than-life qualities in the process.

"He's also just about the hardest-working guy in the business--his output, given its quality, is truly staggering."

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