Sunday, July 05, 2020

"Batman Beyond" Live-Action

The Emmy award winning animated TV series "Batman Beyond" (1991) aka "Batman of the Future", developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett for Warner Bros. Animation, is reportedly being adapted by the studio as a live-action film in collaboration with DC Comics as a continuation of the "Batman Legacy", depicting a teenaged 'Batman' in a futuristic 'Gotham City' under the tutelage of an elderly 'Bruce Wayne':

'Batman', now in his mid-fifties, despite being past his prime continues to fight crime in a new high-tech 'Batsuit'.

But in the rescue of a kidnapped heiress, he suffers a heart attack.

"Ultimately, 'Bruce Wayne' decides to retire from crime-fighting muttering 'never again' as he shuts down the 'Batcave'. All of his enemies including 'The Joker', 'Harley Quinn', 'The Penguin', 'The Riddler', 'Two-Face', 'The Scarecrow', 'Mr. Freeze', 'Poison Ivy', 'Bane', 'Killer Croc', 'Clayface', 'Man-Bat', 'Deadshot', 'The Mad Hatter', 'Ra's al Ghul', 'Talia al Ghul', the 'Ventriloquist', 'Scarface', the 'Firefly' and 'Hugo Strange' are either retired, incarcerated, in exile, or dead.

"Flash forward to the year 2039, in 'Neo-Gotham', a megalopolis featuring staggering high rises and flying vehicles. Bruce Wayne is now in his mid seventies, a bitter recluse with a broken body, living in isolation with his dog 'Ace' in 'Wayne Manor'.

"'Terry McGinnis' is an athletic 16-year-old high school student and reformed troublemaker with a deeply ingrained sense of personal justice. 

"But a falling out and high-speed motorcycle chase between Terry and the vicious 'Jokerz' bike gang leads both to the grounds of Wayne Manor, where they run into the elderly Bruce Wayne. Bruce and Terry fend off the Jokerz side-by-side, but the exertion aggravates Bruce's heart condition. 

"Terry helps Bruce back to the manor and, while exploring the mansion stumbles upon the entrance to the Batcave. Terry returns home he finds his father has been murdered by the Jokerz.

"Realizing that crime and corruption are running rampant in Gotham without Batman's presence...

"...Bruce offers Terry the chance to assume the role of Batman, with Bruce himself mentoring Terry..."

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