Saturday, June 20, 2020

“Carnival Row”- Cara Delevingne: "Lucky Charms"

"Carnival Row" actress Cara Delevingne poses for Dior's "Lucky Charms" jewelry campaign photographed by Mario Sorrenti:

"...'Carnival Row' follows mythical creatures who have fled their war-torn homeland and gathered in the city...

" tensions simmer between citizens and the growing immigrant population.

"At the center of it all is the investigation into a string of unsolved murders, madness of power...

"...unresolved love and social adjustments eating away at whatever uneasy peace exists.

"'Vignette Stonemoss' (Delevingne), a 'fae' and former lover of 'Rycroft Philostrate' (Orlando Bloom) an 'Inspector' of the 'Burgue Constabulary', believed him to be dead following a war. She then falls in with a group of fae ruffians known as the 'Black Raven' while dealing with her complicated feelings for Philo..."

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