Thursday, June 25, 2020

"Agents of Shield: Adapt or Die"

Take a look at the next "Agents of Shield" episode, "Adapt or Die", airing July 1, 2020 on ABC:

On the previous episode "A Trout in the Milk"
, the agents return to the speakeasy in 1973 to discover that 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' is preparing 'Project Insight', which should not be developed for several more decades, led by 'Wilfred Malick', who should have died in 1970. Wilfred and the 'Chronicoms' attempt to capture the agents, but 'Daisy' briefly takes his son 'Nathaniel' (who also should be dead) hostage to allow their escape. Nathaniel sees Daisy use her powers. 

"The agents reunite with 'Enoch' and return to the 'Zephyr'. Without warning, the Chronicoms jump forward to 1976 when Project Insight is set to launch and the Zephyr follows. 'Coulson' and 'May' plant explosives in the 'Lighthouse' where Insight is being launched while 'Deke' and 'Yo-Yo' confront 'Wilfred'.

"The latter reveals that the parents of 'Mack' are hostages inside the Lighthouse, before being killed by Deke. Daisy and 'Sousa' are captured by Nathaniel using a Chromnicom weapon. Mack aborts the detonation when he sees his parents, allowing Insight to launch. They use the Zephyr to destroy Insight, giving away their location..."

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