Friday, May 22, 2020

Georgia Film - New Rules

The State of Georgia Film Office, co-ordinator of on-location TV series and features for AMC ("The Walking Dead"), Marvel Studios ("Avengers: Endgame")  and a whole lot more, have issued their 'Best Practices To Reduce Contagion of Covid-19" to resume filming and its not good news for background performers:


"When possible, castings should be done remotely. Eliminate 'open calls' and assign windows to arrive. Encourage actors to wait in their cars until their scheduled time.

"In the case of printed scripts, these should be personalized and each recipient should only handle his or her own script.


"It is always recommended that a mask be worn, except for those incidents strictly necessary for shooting and that a safety distance of 6 feet be maintained. If it is not possible to maintain this distance, a record should be kept of the interactions between the actors so that possible contacts can be identified if someone were to contract the virus.

"Consider using a clear barrier between actors while establishing marks and positions to be removed at the last moment.

"Consider alternate shot set-ups, camera angles, lenses, etc. to allow for greater distance between actors. Consider using members of the same household in a scene.


"If possible, reduce the number of extras required. Provide enough space and tables and chairs for 'extras holding' areas to practice social distancing. Provide a pen for each Extra to execute paperwork and instruct them not to share..."

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