Thursday, May 28, 2020

"Doom Patrol" Season Two

The episode "Fun Size Patrol" streaming June 25, 2020 on 'DC Universe' and 'HBO Max' kicks off Season Two of the live TV action series "Doom Patrol", based on the DC Comics title, showcasing the crime-fighting superhero misfits 'Jane' (Diane Guerrero), 'Rita Farr' (April Bowlby), 'Vic Stone' (Joivan Wade), 'Larry Trainor' (Matt Bomer/Matthew Zuk), 'Cliff Steele' (Brendan Fraser/Riley Shanahan) and 'The 'Chief' (Timothy Dalton):

"...following the defeat of 'Mr. Nobody', the members of the 'Doom Patrol' now find themselves mini-sized and stranded on a toy race car track. Here they begin to deal with their feelings of betrayal by 'Niles Caulder' aka 'The Chief' (Dalton), while confronting their own personal baggage.

"And as each member faces the challenge of growing beyond their own past traumatic experiences, they must come together to embrace and protect the newest member of the family: 'Dorothy Spinner' (Abigail Shapiro), Niles’ daughter, whose powers remain a mysterious but real threat to bringing about the end of the world..."

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