Friday, April 10, 2020

"The Rise of Skywalker" - Daisy Ridley In "GQ"

Take a look at "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" actress Daisy Ridley, posing for British "GQ" magazine:

"I've been told I am 'abrupt to the point of rudeness'," said Ridley. "But I have to be so vigilant with security and keeping myself safe. 

"I was followed home by someone in a van, this fucking paparazzi person. That's where it's more scary as a woman.

"I kept thinking, 'Am I being a drama queen? Am I paranoid?. It was real. It was fucking real and scary. The world is a cyclone. See? Everything out the cyclone. And then there's the solid thing at the center of it all. That solid star is my family.

"I now have an issue with the word 'tomboy'. Why has there got to be a 'boy' in it? I was like, 'Hold on: you're saying a little girl is actually like a boy because she likes to be active?' In terms of energy, I would say I do have a strong masculine energy as well as a feminine. But I was a girl. I am one.

"It's not because 'Rey' is strong that she's amazing. It's all her complexities. She's struggling. It's because she is a well-drawn person who is struggling with things and you're with her."

In "The Rise of Skywalker", "there was this thing," said Ridley. "JJ (Abrams) would ask us to do the scene without speaking, just to feel the emotional... whatever. He was like, 'You never know what could come up.' We did that a couple of times. Then it became a joke, because we would just wet ourselves laughing. I said to JJ, 'You have to do a bloopers reel', because I couldn't keep my shit together at all."

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