Wednesday, April 15, 2020

"Stargirl" - Strength And Heroism

Sneak Peek more new footage of Brec Bassinger ("School of Rock") as "Stargirl" based on the DC Comics superhero, streaming May 19, 2020 on "DC Universe":

The first season of 13 episodes "...follows the story of high school student 'Courtney Whitmore' as she comes into her own as a superhero.

"After the discovery of her stepfather's old superhero gear, Courtney decided to use the powers of his 'Cosmic Converter Belt'...

"...and fashion a costume of her own to become teen crime-fighter 'Stargirl'...

"She has no inherent powers, but a 'Cosmic Staff' enables her to fly, shoot energy blasts and manipulate energy..."