Saturday, March 07, 2020

'Horse' vs 'Snake' - Believe It Or Not

According to the thousand year old traditions of Chinese astrology, and to bolster their upcoming debates, take a look at the 'animal' personality traits of Joe Biden, born in 1942, the 'Year of The Horse' and Bernie Sanders born in 1941, the 'Year of The Snake' as they battle it out for the upcoming Democrat presidential nomination:


"...short-tempered and impatient, Horse people can be highly subjective, arbitrary, blind to others' advice and unwilling to be constrained, more concerned about face-saving than sound financial management.

"Horses are ambitious but have poor execution. In particular, they tend to be satisfied with minor achievements in the face of important things, can be forgetful, unmindful and sometimes talk irrelevantly.

"Some Horse people chase vanity, dressing finely and respectably. But they can be weak listening to advice or ideas from others. Sticking to their own thoughts may lead to wrong judgment on important affairs."


"...'Snake' people can be inconsistent, poker-faced and unapproachable. They can be vain, possessive and jealous, never showing their inner world easily or be able to communicate with others casually. Overcautious and irresolute, they can be narrow-minded and suspicious.

"With a lack of cooperative spirit, Snakes usually act on their own judgment, unwilling to communicate with others, believing in their own fantasy rather than accept advice from others.

"Snake people can look easy-going, while being sinister, crafty, and drifting, to disguise their true motives. Some Snake people can also have a malicious mind, holding a jealous attitude towards people and things, making it harder for them to open their hearts to others..."

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