Sunday, March 01, 2020

'Alfred E. Neuman' - The End of "Mad"

Since 1952, 'Alfred E. Neuman', who bears a resemblance to 'Mayor Pete Buttigieg', was the mascot of "Mad" magazine, that recently ceased publication, so as not to favor Buttigieg, who just dropped out of the upcoming 2020 US presidential election race:

"...'Alfred E. Neuman', the 'idiot kid' cover boy of 'Mad' on more than 550 issues, is distinguished by his short, tousled hair, an invariable grin with a missing front tooth...

"...freckles across the bridge of his nose, protruding ears, and a left eye, eyebrow and ear set lower than their right-hand counterparts..."

"But he has a loveable quality and intelligence behind his eyes, with a devil-may-care attitude. 

"Someone who can maintain a sense of humor...

"...while the world is collapsing all around him..."

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