Tuesday, February 04, 2020

"The Flash: Love Is A Battlefield"

From VancouverFilm.Net, Sneak Peek "The Flash" episode "Love Is A Battlefield", directed by Sudz Sutherland, starring Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Katee Sackhoff, Danielle Panabaker and Kayla Compton, airing February 11, 2020 on The CW:

" is in the air as 'Barry' (Gustin) and 'Iris (Patton) plan a romantic dinner for 'Valentine's Day' but their evening is interrupted by old foe 'Amunet' (Sackhoff).

"Meanwhile, 'Frost' (Panabaker) gets into the holiday spirit and attempts to help 'Allegra' (Compton) reconnect with an old love..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Flash: Love Is A Battlefield"...