Friday, February 21, 2020

"Spider-Man: Sting Of The Scorpion"

IDW Publishing's "Marvel Action: Spider-Man" #5, available May 2020, is written by Brandon Easton (W) and illustrated by Fico Ossio:

"...the 'Spidey' team has taken on ferocious foes of all kinds, but they've never faced anyone with a sting like this villain's. Prepare for the coming of the 'Scorpion'.

"'Mac Gargan' was a private investigator hired by newspaper publisher 'J. Jonah Jameson' to find out how 'Peter Parker' is able to obtain incredible pictures of 'Spider-Man'. Gargan becomes the subject of a barely-tested process that would endow him with the useful characteristics of a scorpion with the help of 'Dr. Farley Stillwell'. Stillwell also outfits him with a club-like mechanical tail, creating a natural predator of the spider..."

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