Friday, February 28, 2020

"Robert The Bruce"

Sneak Peek director Richard Gray's follow up to "Braveheart" starring Angus Macfadyen, reprising his "Braveheart" role as 'Robert the Bruce', the 'King of Scots' (1306-1329), opening theatrically April 24, 2020:

"...following a series of military losses, with his army in tatters and the success of his rebellion in doubt, 'Robert' retreats from the battlefield. Alone, injured, and pursued by fortune-seekers intent on collecting a bounty placed on his head by 'King Edward of England', he finds refuge in the croft of a peasant woman and the three children in her care: a teenage nephew, a young niece, and her own son. 

"They care for him, forging a powerful bond, even though their clan is aligned with England. This connection inspires Robert with a deeper understanding of the patriotism of ordinary Scots, which drives his passionate return to the national stage and, ultimately, to victory and independence..."

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