Saturday, February 01, 2020

"Marvel's Future Avengers" On Disney+

"Marvel's Future Avengers", the 2017 Shōnen superhero anime series produced by Toei Animation, Madhouse and Walt Disney Japan, will stream internationally on Disney+ February 28, 2020:

"...'Makoto', 'Adi' and 'Chloe', are three teenagers who have been genetically modified and raised by 'Hydra' to believe the 'Avengers' are villains.Upon being sent out on a mission for the first time, the trio come to realize Hydra's evil intentions and decide to leave the organization. During their escape attempt, they encounter the Avengers and help them stop Hydra's plans. 

"Sensing their potential, the Avengers agree to take them in and train them to become superheroes, dubbing the team the 'Future Avengers'. 

"While training the new recruits, the Avengers also seek to learn more about the 'Emerald Rain' project, a dangerous scheme being orchestrated by Hydra and the 'Masters of Evil' and what connection it has to 'Makoto'. The matter is further complicated when 'Bruno' another genetically-modified teen and Makoto's former partner, is manipulated into joining the Masters of Evil's ranks..."

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