Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Marvel Studios' "Agents of Atlas"

According to reports, Marvel Studios will follow up their live-action feature "Shang-Chi" with "Agents of Atlas", based on the Marvel Comics superhero team:

" crime-fighter heroes from the 1950's - 'Namora', 'Venus', 'Marvel Boy'/'The Uranian', 'Gorilla-Man', the 'Human Robo, and 'Jimmy Woo' - are brought back into the present time to once more become a team.

"In 'Secrets of the Deep', disturbing visions plucked from the mind of 'Norman Osborn' lead the intrepid 'Agents' to the darkest depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where 'Namora' must have words with her infamous cousin - 'The Sub-Mariner'. What happens next shocks her team, who must prepare to say goodbye to the aquatic avenger..."

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