Thursday, January 16, 2020

"Thor: Love and Thunder" - Enter 'Jane Foster'

Development continues on Marvel Studios "Thor: Ragnarok" sequel, "Thor: Love and Thunder", to be directed by Taika Waititi adapting Marvel Comics "The Mighty Thor" run by writer Jason Aaron and illustrator Russell Dauterman, starring Oscar winner Natalie Portman ("Black Swan"), as 'Dr. Jane Foster', who becomes the female goddess/warrior "Thor": 

"......The 'God of Thunder' has become unworthy. 'Mjolnir 'lies abandoned. But when 'Frost Giants' invade Earth, a new hand will grasp its handle - and a mysterious woman will take up the mantle of the mighty 'Thor'! 

"Who is this new Goddess of Thunder? That's exactly what the 'Odinson' wants to know.

"All-Father Odin isn't happy either, and he'll call on some very dangerous, very unexpected allies in a bid to reclaim the enchanted hammer.

"...while 'Malekith' the 'Dark Elf' forges his most dangerous pact yet! But as the new 'Thor' faces the unstoppable machine of death and destruction that is the 'Destroyer', she will prove herself a worthy successor to the heroic mantle.''

"Her enemies are many, as 'Asgard' descends further into chaos and war threatens to spread throughout the 'Ten Realms'. 

"Yet her greatest battle will be against a far more personal foe..."

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