Thursday, January 23, 2020

RIP "Mr. Peanut"

'Mr. Peanut', aka 'Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe', the 104 year old, anthropomorphic peanut advertising mascot of snack food company Planters, a division of Kraft Foods, accidentally drove the company's 'Peanutmobile' off a cliff after dodging an armadillo on the road:

"...Planters released a teaser for its 'Super Bowl LIV' commercial, where 'Mr. Peanut', 'Wesley Snipes' and 'Matt Walsh' are seen accidentally driving their 'Peanutmobile' off a cliff to dodge an armadillo on the road. 

"Dangling from a branch, Mr Peanut sacrifices himself by letting go of the branch, falling to his death and his body is then blown up..."

In 1916, schoolboy 'Antonio Gentile' submitted drawings to a design contest. 

After Gentile's design was chosen, commercial illustrator Andrew S. Wallach added a monocle, top hat and cane to create the iconic image. 

By the mid-1930's, the raffish figure had come to symbolize the entire peanut industry...

...becoming one of the best-known icons in advertising history.

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