Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Gwyneth Paltrow: "The Goop Lab"

"The Goop Lab" is a new 6-episode doc series about "Goop", a 'wellness company' founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, aka 'Pepper Potts' in the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe', with each episode exploring topics including psychedelics, cold therapy, female pleasure, anti-aging, energy healing and psychics streaming January 24, 2020 on Netflix:

Goop was launched as a 'lifestyle brand' by Paltrow, September 2008, beginning as a weekly e-mail newsletter providing new age advice, including 'police your thoughts' and 'eliminate white foods', plus the slogan "Nourish the Inner Aspect".

A lifestyle website was later added, and then Goop expanded into e-commerce, collaborating with fashion brands, launching pop-up shops, holding a 'wellness summit', launching a print magazine and a podcast.

"...'Goop' has faced criticism for marketing products and treatments that have no scientific basis...

"...lack efficacy, and are recognized by the medical establishment as harmful or as misleading.

"In 2017, 'Truth in Advertising' filed a complaint with regulators in the state of California regarding over 50 health claims made by Goop...

"...which resulted in a $125,000 settlement and a five-year injunction prohibiting the company from making unsubstantiated claims about the characteristics or health benefits of its products..."

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