Sunday, January 05, 2020

"Black Cat: Thieves Guild"

Marvel Comics "Black Cat" #8, in support of Sony's developing "Black Cat" solo feature, is written by Jed MacKay and illustrated by Dike Ruan and Annie Wu, with covers by J. Scott Campbell and Jay Anacleto, available January 8, 2020:

"...'Black Cat' and the 'Thieves Guild' are now in an all-out war! 

"In wars, there are casualties and 'Felicia' needs to get someone she loves out of the city immediately. 

"But can she trust 'The Beetle', fresh off her 'Amazing Spider-Man' supporting role to help her?..."

Sony's 'Universe of Marvel Characters' including  "Spider-Man" spin-off "Morbius", opening July 31, 2020, will be followed by a "Venom" sequel, plus a stand-alone "The Black Cat" feature.

"We have the next seven or eight years laid out as to what we’re going to do with that asset", said Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman Tony Vinciquerra about the studio's "Spider-Man" spin-off movie rights. 

"And that will not only be on the film side -- it’ll be on the TV side as well. Our television group will have its own set of characters from within that universe that we will seek to develop." 

"'Spider-Man' connects to a lot of characters," said Sanford Panitch, President of Columbia Pictures. "There are villains, heroes, anti-heroes, and a lot are female characters, many of whom are bona fide, fully dimensionalized and unique..."

"'The Black Cat' is enough of her own character with a great backstory and a canon of material to draw from, to justify her own film..."

'The Black Cat' created for Marvel by writer Marv Wolfman,  debuted in "The Amazing Spider-Man" #194 (July 1979).

"...'Felicia Hardy', the daughter of a notorious cat burglar...

"...had developed a 'thing' for 'Spider-Man'.

"After suffering a traumatic event as a college freshman, Felicia trained herself in various fighting styles/acrobatics...

"...and deciding to follow in her father's footsteps as a master thief, adopted her costumed identity as 'The Black Cat'..."

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