Tuesday, December 10, 2019

"The Dark Knight Returns" Banned ?

AT&T, under constant attack by Time Warner shareholders because of the deterioration of Turner Broadcasting's CNN, now has the threat of their DC Comics brand being banned in China, unless a variant cover supporting writer Frank Miller's 48-page 'Black Label' one-shot, "The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child", illustrated by Rafael Grampá, available December 11, 2019, be withdrawn from circulation:

In a cover for 'The Golden Child', 'Batwoman' is seen throwing a 'Molotov' cocktail in front of the words 'The Future Is Young'. 

The depiction of the incendiary device is being linked to the violent tactics used by Hong Kong protesters, the black suit worn by the character alludes to protestor clothing and the title 'The Golden Child' references the color yellow, also a mark of the pro-democracy riots.

DC Comics, despite the pressure, immediately removed the offending illustration from social media, but still plans to go ahead with their original publishing plans for the title.

"...It's been three years since the events of 'Dark Knight III: The Master Race'. 'Lara' has spent the time learning to be more human,and 'Carrie Kelley' has been growing into her new role as 'Batwoman'. But a terrifying evil has returned to 'Gotham City', and Lara and Carrie must team up to stop this growing threat-and they have a secret weapon. Young 'Jonathan Kent', 'the golden child' has a power inside of him unlike anything the world has ever seen, and it's about to be unleashed…" 

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