Saturday, December 07, 2019

"Stargirl" On "DC Universe"

Brec Bassinger ("School of Rock") is "Stargirl" in a new live-action TV series based on the DC Comics superhero, streaming on "DC Universe", Spring 2020:

A first season of 13 episodes "...follows the story of high school student 'Courtney Whitmore' as she comes into her own as a superhero.

"After the discovery of her stepfather's old superhero gear, 'Courtney Whitmore' decided to use the powers of his 'Cosmic Converter Belt'...

"...and fashion a costume of her own to become the teen crime-fighter known as 'Stargirl'...

"She has no inherent powers, but a 'Cosmic Staff' enables her to fly, shoot energy blasts and manipulate energy..."

"'Stargirl' (1999) was the first character I created for DC," said writer Geoff Johns. "Most important, 'Courtney Whitmore' was inspired by my sister who passed away. To have an opportunity to tell a story celebrating this superhero was literally the first thing I wanted to do because it is so personal to me. Also, a character that speaks to being young, to a legacy...seems so important to me..."

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