Tuesday, December 10, 2019

"Marvel's Avengers" Prequel

The upcoming video game "Marvel's Avengers", from publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics, available May 17, 2020 is being supported by Marvel Comics 'Gamerverse' one-shot prequels including "Marvel's Avengers: Captain America" #1 and "Marvel's Avengers: Black Widow" #1:

"Marvel's Avengers: Captain America" #1 is written by Paul Allor and illustrated by Georges Jeanty with a cover by Stonehouse: 

"...'Captain America' battles 'Batroc' in this new prequel to the video game, 'Marvel's Avengers'. Since 'World War II', 'Steve Rogers' has fought for the side of good as 'Captain America'. As one of his last friends from the war is laid to rest, Cap must contend with the mysterious robbery of a high-tech weapons company. But what is 'Batroc the leaper' planning and how will this technology change the future of the 'Avengers' ?...

"Marvel's Avengers: Black Widow' #1, i written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Michele Bandini, with a cover by Stonehouse: 

"...the super spy stars in the final adventure before the launch of 'Marvel's Avengers'. Former Russian spy 'Natasha Romanoff' has joined 'SHIELD', but when a spectre from her past resurfaces, where do her loyalties really lie? 

"And what is the source of her deadly feud with the villainous 'Taskmaster'?"

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