Wednesday, December 11, 2019

'Jessica Drew' Is "Spider-Woman"

In anticipation of "Spider-Woman" appearing on streaming service Disney+, Marvel Comics' upcoming "Spider-Woman" title, written by Karla Pcheco and illustrated by Pere Perez, with a cover by Junggeun Yoon will be available March 2020:

Many characters have taken up the mantle of 'Spider-Woman' but the original was 'Jessica Drew' debuting in "Marvel Spotlight" #32 (1977), created by Archie Goodwin, Sal Buscema and Jim Mooney. She is the daughter of 'Jonathan' and 'Merriam Drew', born in London, England and at a young age, was lethally poisoned by radiation while living near 'Mount Wundagore' in 'Transia'.

To try to save her life, her father injected her with an experimental serum based on irradiated spiders' blood. Because the serum did not have any apparent effect on her, 'Henry Wyndham', aka the 'High Evolutionary', placed her in a genetic accelerator that slowed her aging.

Years later, 'HYDRA' under the control of 'Count Otto Vermis', found and recruited her as a HYDRA agent. They manipulated her, giving her a fake boyfriend who then died. She was trained by 'Taskmaster'. 

Through brainwashing and manipulation, she was convinced she was not human but actually an evolved spider. During this time, she went by the alias of 'Arachne'. As a HYDRA agent she battled 'Nick Fury' and 'S.H.I.E.L.D.', until she learned HYDRA's true nature.

Jessica has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility, endurance and durability. She also has the ability to focus 'bioelectric' energy that her body generates into 'venom blasts', can adhere to any surface by excreting an adhesive substance from her palms and soles, rapidly forms an immunity to all poisons and is totally immune to radiation. 

Her body also exudes a high concentration of pheromones which elicit pleasure in most human males while eliciting fear in most females, though she often uses a chemical that can nullify this effect.

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