Thursday, December 19, 2019

"He-Man and the Masters Of The Multiverse" In Space

DC Comics' "He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #2, in support of the upcoming Netflix 2D animated TV series, produced by Kevin Smith, is written by Tim Seeley and illustrated by Dan Fraga, Richard Friend, with a cover by In-Hyuk Lee:

"...'Prince Keldor' and his two 'He-Man' comrades leap head first in to a new adventure, that includes 'Space He-Man'. 

"Now the three travelers must stop the 'Anti-He-Man' before he tears the haunted power core out of the heart of starship 'Eternia'..."

In the upcoming Netflix animated TV series: 

"The scourge of 'Anti-Eternia' is unleashed on the 'Multiverse' bent on destruction. Each version of Eternia has fallen in the wake of devastation. 

"Now it's up to a rag-tag team of surviving 'He-Men' from across the 'Multiverse' to stem the tide, but to do so they'll have to recruit the one man in existence that might help them win: 'Prince Keldor', the man who would be 'Skeletor'..."

Filmation's original "He-Man: Masters Of The Universe" (1983) cartoon series, created to sell Mattel toys, was inspired by author Robert E. Howard's "Conan The Barbarian", airing 130 syndicated episodes, starring muscle-bound 'He-Man' defending 'Eternia' and the secrets of 'Castle Grayskull' from the evil forces of fan favorite 'Skeletor'.

The series was followed in 1990 by "The New Adventures of He-Man".

"...during the aftermath of a 'Great War', the 'Sorceress of Castle Grayskull', aka 'The Goddess', gave 'Prince Adam', son of planet Eternia's 'King Randor' and the earthling 'Queen Marlena', his super powers.

"Adam would hold aloft the 'Sword of Power', proclaiming, 'By the power of Grayskull... I have the power!'

"Adam's physique would ripple with muscles and his green tiger 'Cringer' would change into the armored 'Battle Cat'.

"He-Man's love interest was 'Teela', female 'Captain of the Royal Guard', adoptive daughter of mentor 'Duncan', aka 'Man-At-Arms' and the only daughter of 'The Sorceress'.

"He-Man's chief adversary Skeletor, a demonic with a cowled skull for a head, was skilled in black magic, wielding a 'Havoc Staff' ram's skull atop a rod for channeling magic. His reptilian base of operations was 'Snake Mountain', a fortress made of black basalt located on the 'Dark Hemisphere' of Eternia, with henchmen 'Evil-Lyn', 'Beast Man', 'Trap-Jaw', 'Tri-Klops' and the 'fish lord' known as 'Mer-Man'..."

In 1987 a live-action "Masters of the Universe" feature was produced starring actor Dolph Lundgren ("The Punisher") as Prince Adam and Frank Langella as Skeletor.

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