Wednesday, November 13, 2019

"Uncle Scrooge" Celebration

IDW Publishing's "Uncle Scrooge" #50, now available, is written by Vito Stabile, Pietro B. Zemelo, Silvia Gianatti and illustrated by Frederico Franzo, Nico Picone, with covers by Andrea Freccero and Fabio Lo Monaco:

"...celebrate the 50th-issue milestone of IDW's ongoing 'Uncle Scrooge' title with the conclusion of the four-part story 'Under Siege'. 

"Now with the 'Beagle Boys' and 'Magica De Spell' causing no end of headaches for Uncle Scrooge and his friends and family, will the bad guys finally win-or will a little help come from some unexpected sources to turn the tide? 

"Then, in 'My Best Friend: Loyal for Life', find out why 'Quackmore' and 'Uncle Scrooge' have such a strong and unwavering bond. Join in the fun with the citizens of 'Duckburg'..."

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