Saturday, November 02, 2019

"The Dragon Prince" On Netflix

Take a look at new footage from the Wonderstorm CPU-animated, fantasy TV series "The Dragon Prince" Season 3, created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, streaming November 22, 2019 on Netflix:

"...the continent of 'Xadia' is rich with magic derived from the six primal elements, the 'Sun', the 'Moon', the 'Stars', the 'Earth', the 'Sky' and the 'Ocean'. However, the humans—who could not utilize primal magic—discovered the use of dark magic, fueled by the life essence of animals and magical creatures. 

"As a consequence, humans were driven off by the dragons and elves of Xadia to the other end of the continent, where they founded the five human kingdoms. 'The Breach', the border between the two halves of the continent, is guarded by 'Thunder', the king of the dragons.

"1,200 years later, humans killed the dragon king and supposedly destroyed his heir's egg. The elves then attempt to assassinate the human king 'Harrow' and his heir, the young prince 'Ezran', in retaliation for the egg's destruction. 

"Among the elves, young 'Rayla', along with 'Ezran' and his older half-brother 'Callum', discover the dragon king's egg wasn't destroyed, but stolen by the mage 'Viren', advisor to King Harrow. Together they undertake to return the egg to the dragons to prevent war between the humans and elves. But Viren, intent on conflict, seizes power after the king dies in the assassination attempt, sending his children 'Claudia' and 'Soren' after the fugitives to kill the princes and recover the egg at all costs..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Dragon Prince"...