Monday, November 25, 2019

The Best Casino Movies To Watch

The movie industry has evolved into the leading business and money generator in the world today, led by the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' grossing over $15 billion. But some movies that are both underrated and exciting to watch, are gambling movies, filled with action, drama and a whole lot more:

These 'casino' films have had a positive effect in the real world, making it possible for the casino industry to flourish. Online casinos have become quite popular, due to the quality of entertainment options they offer, with the best games and rewards found on online casino sites like this.

Because casino movies are always fun to watch, here is a small list of some of the best films of this type, filled with action, drama and comedy.


Rounders is set in the 'underground' gambling world, starring Matt Damon as 'Mike McDermott', a highly-skilled poker player who helps a friend who is in debt with some bad people. 

Mike puts his life on the line as he challenges a former 'KGB' agent and underground kingpin in a game of poker where everything is on the table.

Casino Royale

In this modern 'James Bond' movie, '007' (Daniel Craig) is assigned to Montenegro to hunt down villain 'Le Chiffre', who organized a game of poker in a high-stakes casino. 

Bond's mission is to force Le Chiffre to lose everything, then have him seek asylum with the British government in exchange for some vital information. But, not everything goes according to plan.


In the feature "21", 'Micky' is a math professor who recruits his students to conquer the casinos in Vegas. His latest recruit is 'Ben Campbell', a brilliant mathematician who seeks money to pay off his $300,000 tuition. 

Micky shows his group how to count cards when playing 'Blackjack' and they subsequently rake in millions of dollars in winnings. But their illegal activity is exposed by an old nemesis of Micky, leading to a life-threatening situation.

The Hangover

One of the best comedy films in recent years, "The Hangover" follows a couple of friends who go to Vegas to gamble and celebrate a bachelor party. However they get drugged and wake up in the morning without any memory of the previous night. The race is on to find out what happened the night before and get to the wedding on time.

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