Friday, November 15, 2019

Marvel's "Incoming"

Take a look at a new launch trailer, plus images from the 'Marvel Crossover' event, "Incoming", available December 25, 2019, written by Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Chip Zdarsky, Kelly Thompson, Greg Pak, Eve L. Ewing, Matt Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, Saladin Ahmed, Tini Howard, Jonathan Hickman, Greg Pak, Donny Cates and Jason Aaron, with illustrations from Humberto Ramos and Jim Cheung:

" investigation into a baffling New York City homicide, eventually pulls in many of Earth's bravest heroes...

"...including 'Masked Raider', 'Daredevil', 'Valkyrie', the 'X-Men', the 'Fantastic Four' and the 'Avengers'. 

"As they search for answers, a galactic threat will rise forcing a deadly alliance between 'Professor X', 'Magneto' and 'Apocalypse'..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Incoming"...