Monday, November 18, 2019

"Birds of Prey" Movie Trade Paperbacks

DC Comics, in support of the live-action feature "Birds of Prey" will release three trade paperbacks December 2019, collecting a past run of comics specific to one "Birds of Prey" movie character including 'Black Canary' (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), 'Harley Quinn' (Margot Robbie) and 'Huntress' (Mary Elizabeth Winstead):

"BIRDS OF PREY: HARLEY QUINN" TP: "...when 'Gotham' sociopath 'Harley Quinn' inherits a building on the famous 'Coney Island' boardwalk, she feels right at home in the (literal) freakshow. Unfortunately, the legion of bounty hunters after the price on her head seem to know it, too. Who else but Harley Quinn could handle all that Brooklyn's criminal underbelly has to offer—including Russian spies, senior citizens and rival roller derby teams -and still have time for a double chili dog..."

"BIRDS OF PREY: THE HUNTRESS" TP: " these these stories from 'Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood' #1-6, the 'Huntress' is framed for murder, and while avoiding the 'G.C.P.D.' and the 'Bat-Family', she revisits her childhood in hope of discovering the true culprit. But as she and the 'Question' seek clues to prove her innocence, more murders implicating her are committed, forcing 'Batman' and 'Nightwing' to confront her in a showdown with unexpected results..."

"BIRDS OF PREY: BLACK CANARY" TP"...Rock star. Public menace. Martial artist. Superhero. 'Dinah Drake' is all these things and more—and she's got the legions of fans, friends, and foes to prove it. But there's a part of her life she's never been able to get a handle on, a role she's never been able to play: daughter. Her mother went missing, and took the secrets of Dinah's own past with her. Now a mysterious cult is determined to dig them up, and Dinah must go on a whirlwind tour from 'Gotham City' to the nightclubs of Europe..."

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