Monday, October 21, 2019

"Black and Blue"

"Black and Blue" is a new Screen Gems police action thriller, directed by Deon Taylor, staring Naomie Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Frank Grillo ("Captain America: Civil War"), Mike Colter ("Luke Cage"), Reid Scott and Beau Knapp, opening October 25, 2019:

"...police rookie 'Alicia West' (Harris) captures the murder of a drug dealer on her body cam. 

"What's more disturbing is the murder has been committed by her partner and a squad of dirty cops (Grillo, Scott, Knapp).

"Unable to get help from her former community or the police department she's sworn to, West allies herself with a stranger named 'Milo' (Gibson)...

" an attempt to expose the murder while a local gang puts out a bounty on her life..."

Cast also includes Nafessa Williams as 'Missy' and Frankie Smith as 'Tez'.

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