Thursday, September 12, 2019

Paramount Takes On "Harbinger"

Paramount Pictures will adapt Valiant Entertainment's superhero comic book series "Harbinger", with director Justin Tipping, co-writer Joshua Beirne-Golden and producer Neal Moritz, following a group of teenage super-powered outcasts known as 'Harbingers':

"...'Toyo Harada' is the first 'Harbinger' and unlike subsequent Harbingers he was able to make his powers manifest at will, or activate the powers of others. 

"Other Harbingers exhibit powers only rarely and this activation is always brought on by severe stress.

"'Harada' is an 'Omega Harbinger': he commands the full spectrum of 'psionic' abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis and mind-control. 

"He uses these powers to create a multinational corporation and amass a large fortune. Fearing the world is on a course to destroy itself, he plans to take it over and mold it to his specifications. To this end he creates the 'Harbinger Foundation'.

"'Pete Stanchek' is a normal teenager until he develops Harbinger abilities. After seeing an advertisement he contacts the Harbinger Foundation. Harada is intrigued by Pete, who is the only other Harbinger to have triggered his own powers and who exhibits multiple abilities. It seems that Harada is no longer the only 'Omega Harbinger'.

"Harada tries to persuade Pete to join the Harbinger Foundation and become Harada's right-hand man, but when Pete's best friend, who had been vocal about his distrust for Harada, is murdered by the Foundation Pete realizes the truth.

"Pete, along with 'Kris', a high school cheerleader who Pete had first been unconsciously mentally controlling so that she would go out with him, now become renegades. They decide to recruit Harbingers themselves, activate their abilities, and form an army capable of challenging Harada..."

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