Monday, September 23, 2019

Marvel's "Fearless" Females

"The Fiercest Ladies of the Marvel Universe Unite" in Marvel Comics' "Fearless" #3, available September 25, 2019, written by Seanan McGuire, Zoe Quinn, Alyssa Wong, with illustrations by Claire Roe, Marika Questa, Alti Firmansyah and covers by Yasmin Putri and Jenny Frison:

"...straight off her silver-screen debut, 'Captain Marvel' takes the world by storm! And speaking of the weather, 'Storm' of the 'X-Men' faces a problem only a goddess could solve. Add the 'Invisible Woman' and you’ve got an unstoppable trio.

"Then an alien invasion at a summer camp for young girls? You know who to call. 'Captain Marvel' is on her way - and she won't be alone. 

"Some of Marvel's biggest heroes unite for the battle of the season! Then, a new mystery puts 'Patsy Walker', aka 'Hellcat' - on the prowl! And don't miss your dose of 'Herstory' with profiles on classic and contemporary creators..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek 'Captain Marvel', 'Storm' and the 'Invisible Woman'...