Saturday, July 06, 2019

"Joker" - October 4, 2019

Sneak Peek DC Comics, live action Joker", starring Joaquin Phoenix, written and directed by Todd Phillips, opening October 4, 2019:

" in 'Gotham', 'Arthur Fleck' (Phoenix) is a 'nobody' who works as a clown through a talent booking agency. A social worker keeps an eye on him because of his serious mental health issues, including an uncontrollable habit of laughing whenever he's nervous. 

"Fleck also looks after his deranged mother, a former housekeeper for 'Thomas Wayne' who is running to become Mayor of Gotham City and ignores all correspondence from Fleck's mother.

"Losing his job, a rattled Fleck is mocked on the subway, by three Wall Street brokers he catches harassing a young woman. 

"Fleck kills the men and he gets away...

"...with the murders inspiring a 'Resist' the wealthy movement. 

"A desperate Arthur then tries stand-up at a comedy club, with footage from his lousy performance finding its way to the 'Live With Murray Franklin' show, hosted by the obnoxious 'Franklin' (Robert De Niro). 

"While cops investigate the subway murders, Fleck finds his mother's letters to Wayne that say he is the illegitimate son of  Wayne and the half-brother of 'Bruce Wayne' aka the future 'Batman'. Arthur later learns he's not Wayne's son after all and starts to murder the people who wronged him.

"Appearing on on the 'Franklin' talk show as 'Joker', Arthur kills De Niro's character on air, then looks into the camera to encourage Gotham's citizens to rise up. 

"During an ensuing riot in the streets, both Thomas and 'Martha Wayne', are gunned down in a nearby alley, with young Bruce watching helplessly.

"The police chase Arthur through the streets, and finally catch up with him...

"...after he's hit by a car.

"But he survives...

"....and is taken to Arkham Asylum to plot more mayhem..."

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