Tuesday, July 23, 2019

DC Heroes Win Jackpot Games

DC Comics characters are now part of online casinos powered by NextGen/NYX Group and Playtech, allowing fans to play alongside their favorite superheroes, with unique betting systems and winning jackpots, courtesy "Batman", "Superman", "Green Lantern" and a whole lot more:

"Batman", has its own online slots game created by NextGen, featuring 50 paylines on 5 reels, with a 'Bonus' bet feature enabling wins of 100x a bet when players earn 3 or more 'Batman' logo symbols in a row. 

Colorful reels include iconic images of the 'Batman' search light, 'Batmobile', 'Bat Bike', bat-shaped throwing stars, grappling guns, 'Commissioner Gordon', 'Joker' and the 'Caped Crusader'.

'Bonus' and 'Scatter' symbols are the highest paying symbols, earning 5000 credits for five on the same payline. The biggest jackpot is five bonus symbols with the bonus bet feature activated, earning 5000 + 100 times a bet.

"Superman: The Movie", one of many 'Superman'-themed slots by Playtech including "Superman II", offers 100 fixed paylines on 5 reels, based on director Richard Donner's original "Superman" movies, starring Christopher Reeve as 'Clark Kent', Margot Kidder as 'Lois Lane' and Gene Hackman as 'Lex Luthor'. 

Symbols include 'Superman', 'Zod', 'Lois Lane', 'Clark Kent', 'Lex Luthor', the 'Daily Planet' logo and a 'Kryptonite' necklace.

The 'Free Games' symbol triggers the free games bonus on reels 1, 3 and 5. The 'Bonus' symbol triggers the 'Crystal' bonus when it lands on reels 2, 3 and 4, rewarding the player with a 'crystal stick' from the 'Fortress of Solitude'. 

The slot also features four progressive jackpots. Any spin of any amount regardless of the outcome can activate the jackpot bonus game, with an opportunity to win one of four progressive jackpots. 

"Green Lantern", based on the feature "Green Lantern" (2011), starring Ryan Reynolds of "Deadpool" fame, showcases DC Comics test pilot 'Hal Jordan' aka 'Green Lantern', in a Playtech 3D video slot machine, with 234 ways to win on 5 reels, featuring a wild symbol, stacked wild and several bonus games.

Symbols on the reels feature different 'Green Lanterns' as high-value playing card symbols. The wild symbol is the 'power ring' made by the 'Guardians of the Universe' and given only to those deemed worthy, substituting all other symbols. The stacked wild is an orange ring that appears in the 'fear fight' mission.

'Secret Sector Mission' offers 10 free games with a dynamic win multiplier. With every consecutive collapse, the current multiplier increases with the step multiplier. Both multipliers are determined by the charge.

"The Flash", showcasing 'Barry Allen', aka the 'Scarlet Speedster', is created by NextGen/NYX group featuring a 5 reel slot machine with 50 fixed paylines. Reels include images of 'Flash', 'Captain Cold', 'Gorilla Grodd', 'Mirror Master', 'Flash Logo Bonus' symbol and the 'Flash Logo Scatter' symbol.

After every winning spin, players can double or quadruple wins. By clicking the 'heart' & 'club' button that appears after each winning spin, you can bet what color the card is, or what suit the card will be.

"Justice League", is the ultimate DC universe slot, with the teaming-up of DC Comics "Wonder Woman", "Flash", "Green Lantern", "Batman" and "Superman", created by NextGen/NYX Group with 25 fixed paylines on 5 reels.

Reels include images of "Aquaman", "Cyborg", "Superman", "Green Lantern", "Wonder Woman", "Flash" and "Batman".

There is a wild symbol with an image of the team and the word "WILD", substituting all symbols except the 'Bonus' symbol. The bonus symbol is the 'Daily Planet' logo with the word "BONUS" under it.

The Bonus symbol is also the scatter symbol which multiplies the wins by the bet, appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4.

DC Comics online slots deliver dynamic superhero characters, providing hours of gaming fun to dedicated comic book fans...

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