Wednesday, June 05, 2019

"Blade Runner 2019"

Titan Comics 12-issue "Blade Runner 2019" #2, based on themes explored in the "Blade Runner" movies, is written by "Blade Runner 2049" screenwriter Michael Green, with Mike Johnson and illustrated by Andres Guinaldo, with covers by Christian Ward, Syd Mead, Andrea Guinaldo and Artgerm, available August 7, 2019:

"...'Blade Runners' are bounty hunters tasked with systematically hunting down and 'retiring' android 'replicants'. As a tool for identifying replicants, Blade Runners have a mental test consisting of a series of emotion-evoking questions to help distinguish a replicant from a human. 

"Now veteran 'Blade Runner Ash' hunts down the kidnapped child of a billionaire, kidnapped by a rogue group of 'replicants'..."

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