Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Marvel's "Runaways" - Enter 'Morgan le Fay'

Marvel Comics 'sorceress' villain 'Morgan le Fay', will be played by Liz Hurley in Season 3 of Marvel's live-action TV series "Runaways", adapting the Marvel Comics characters, for exclusive streaming on Hulu:

" 'Runaways', six teenagers from different backgrounds unite against a common enemy – their criminal parents, collectively known as the 'Pride'. 

"In Season 2, the teenagers are now on the run from their parents, living on their own and figuring out how to stop the Pride...

"...before learning there may be a mole among them who contacts 'Jonah', the leader of Pride, aiding his dangerous plan..."

"Elizabeth Hurley is joining the 'Marvel Universe' and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her portraying one of the most enchanting Marvel characters," said Marvel Television's Jeph Loeb.

"...'Morgan le Fay', created by Stan Lee and Joe Maneely, is loosely based on the 'Morgan le Fay' of 'Arthurian' legend. 

"In this version of the character, she is the 'half-faerie' half-sister of the mythic 'King Arthur'. Her 'elven' heritage granted her immortality, and she used this time to master the mystic arts..."

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