Thursday, June 27, 2019

Clint Eastwood Shooting In Georgia

Director Clint Eastwood, through his Malpaso Productions will start prepping his next feature "The Ballad of Richard Jewell" in Atlanta, Georgia, despite pro-abortion actors, looking to disrupt union signatory productions in the state, by threatening work boycotts, because of Georgia's 'Heartbeat' bill, that would ban infanticide, once a doctor can detect a heartbeat in an unborn child:

May 7, 2019, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, became the fourth governor in the US to sign the bill, joining governors of Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio and Iowa enacting similar bills.

"Georgia is a state that values life," said Kemp. "We protect the innocent. We champion the vulnerable. We stand up and speak for those unable to speak for themselves".

Richard Jewell was an American police officer and AT&T security guard, who discovered a backpack filled with three pipe bombs in 1996, on the grounds of 'Centennial Olympic Park' at the 'Summer Olympics' in Atlanta, Georgia. Jewell alerted police and helped to evacuate the area before the bomb exploded, saving many people from injury or death. For his efforts, Jewell was smeared by the media...   

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