Tuesday, June 04, 2019

"Bond 25" Explosion Injures Crew

"James Bond 25" (aka "Eclipse") currently filming at Pinewood Studios UK has been put into 'total lockdown' after a stunt-gone-wrong with 3 controlled explosions, blew up part of the set, injuring crew in the process:

While crew members were testing a stunt involving a fireball in a laboratory, the explosions tore off part of the roof and wall panels of the Pinewood Buckinghamshire studio complex, with a staff member seriously crushed by part of the set falling on him, while standing on a ramp.

"A fireball was supposed to go through the set," said a crew member at the scene. "That was the stunt but something has gone horribly wrong. There were three loud explosions, one after another, and a member of the crew was lying on the floor outside the building injured. It went bang, bang, bang. The place is now on total lockdown."

Actor Daniel Craig, who previously said he would rather slash his wrists than reprise the role of 'Bond' again... recovering from surgery for torn ankle ligaments sustained while filming a stunt for the new film. He was not injured in the latest incident. 

New reports also confirm a crew member was arrested by police for planting 'toilet-cams' in the womens washrooms. 

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