Friday, May 03, 2019

"The Unstoppable Wasp" - 'The Winter Soldier'

Marvel Comics' "The Unstoppable Wasp", available May 8, 2019, is written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by Alti Firmansyah, with covers by Stacey Lee and Sujin Jo:

"...what do you do when your quasi-adopted stepdaughter reveals that she's never had a birthday party and doesn't even know when her birthday is?

"Well, if you're 'Janet Van Dyne' - 'Original Avenger', 'Winsome Wasp', 'Pym Labs C.E.O.' and fashion designer - you throw together the best last-minute birthday party the 'Marvel Universe' has ever seen.

"But what happens when 'Red Room' graduate 'Bucky Barnes', aka the 'Winter Soldier', crashes the party?..."

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