Tuesday, May 07, 2019

"The Poison Rose"

Sneak Peek restricted footage from the upcoming 'crime thriller' "The Poison Rose", directed by George Gallo, adapting the novel by Richard Salvatore, starring John Travolta and Famke Janssen and Morgan Freeman, opening automaty do gier May 24, 2019:

"...'Carson Philips' (Travolta), a hard-drinking L.A. private eye takes a case in his old hometown of Galveston, Texas. While searching for a missing woman, Philips must confront a crime boss (Freeman), a shady doctor (Brendan Fraser), a sexy club singer (Kat Graham), his former lover 'Jayne Hunt' (Janssen) — and his own dark, disturbing past..."

Cast also includes Peter Stormare as 'Slide', Robert Patrick as 'Chief Walsh', Kat Graham as 'Rose'...

...Claudia Gerini as 'Violet Gregory' and Ella Bleu Travolta as 'Rebecca Hunt'.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Poison Rose"...