Friday, May 17, 2019

"The Intruder"

"The Intruder", now playing is the PG-13 'psychological thriller' feature directed by Deon Taylor, starring Michael Ealy and Meagan Good as a couple who buy a house in the country, only to realize its previous owner (Dennis Quaid) refuses to let it go:

"'Scott' (Ealy) and 'Annie Howard' (Good) move into a new house in Napa Valley, but its previous owner, 'Charlie Peck' (Quaid), becomes obsessed with keeping an eye on the couple and ensuring his house remains untouched. Though Scott is annoyed with Charlie, Annie feels sorry for him as he had told them his wife died two years earlier, and that he will be soon be moving to Florida to live with his daughter.

"Then Charlie continues to show up unannounced..."

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