Saturday, May 04, 2019

Marvel's "Savage Avengers"

Marvel Comics' "Savage Avengers" #1, already pre-sold out its first printing, showcases the team-up of 'Conan the Barbarian', 'Wolverine', 'Punisher', 'Elektra', 'Venom' and 'Doctor Voodoo', written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Mike Deodato:

"The most savage, most unbeatable team of characters in the 'Marvel Universe' is assembled! 'Wolverine'! 'Venom'! 'Elektra'! 'Punisher'! 

"And in their midst – 'Conan the Barbarian'! Conan has returned to the Marvel Universe and his new adventures begin here. 

"Who is the 'Marrow God'? How is the 'Hand' involved? The roughest and most dangerous characters rumble through this new title starting with...Conan vs. Wolverine..."

"In this, the aggressor sets the tone and it really is 'The Hand' that is driving the creation of the 'Savage Avengers'," said Duggan. 

"The overall spell requirement is the blood of warriors that have shed blood, so they're after the most dangerous people, so it's high stakes high reward for the hand...

"...and they're gonna' win some, but if the Savage Avengers can set aside their many differences, who knows might show up..."

According to Marvel, "'Savage Avengers' is just what it says on the label—it's all of the biggest badasses of the 'Marvel Universe' brought together uneasily in one explosive series—and with 'Conan' as a wild card.

"It's big, it's brash, it's explosive, it never slows down—the only scenes in 'Savage Avengers' that involve a table is when somebody is being thrown through one..."

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